dove hunt

Dove season

The Diamond L Ranch is North of U.S. 90

  1. $250 per person per day with a minimum group of 4 people for two days.
  2. $200 per person per day with a group of 6 or more.
  3. For safety reasons we limit our groups to 20 people maximum for dove hunts.

Know which Dove you can hunt!

A little about Doves

  • Of the twelve subspecies of whitewing dove, Texas has four of them.
  • The average young raised per mature breeding pair of dove per year is about 5.
  • Dove eggs hatch in just 14 to 15 days and the baby doves (squab) can leave the next just 13 to 15 days after hatching.
  • Hunters only harvest about 15% of the total dove population in the U.S. each year, but at much as 70% of the bag may consist of young of the year.
  •  The average lifespan of a dove is only about 1.5 years, but there are many band recoveries from birds over 10 years old. The oldest whitewing recorded was over 21 years old. The oldest mourning dove recorded was over 31 years old.

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