For those of you more interesting in seeing the animals than hunting then, photo safari at the Diamond L is always a great experience. You

never know what you may see out there.


Yes, we have Zebra on the property.


Turkey anyone?


Catching a glimpse of the Elk is always a delight.

black buck

Black buck.


One of our Whitetail breeder bucks.


Not our favorite angle to see them but it’s still good to see them. Look closely there are 3 Zebras in the picture.

zebra 2

I think this guy was posing for us! The Zebra have so much attitude.

whitetail 2

Whitetail bucks are hard to beat, so beautiful.

whitetail 4

Don’t worry this Whitetail has just been tranquilized, he is just fine.

whitetail 3

Another picture of the awesome whitetail bucks.


This is a ranch not a zoo .He tried to join a party, he was looking for a bite to eat.


axis bucks

Some of our Axis bucks.





buffalo 4

Buffalo a true special site here at the ranch.

whitetail doe

Whitetail does are always enjoyable to photograph.

emu 2

Hey is that an Emu on your fence line or are you just happy to see me?


The Emu are not a big fan of having their pictures taken.


Buffalo at the backdoor! Maybe they just needed a morning cup of coffee?

buffalo 3

Have no doubt about it they are the kings of the ranch the might Buffalo.

buffalo 2

Looks like even the Buffalo enjoy our blinds.

black buck 2

Who is that masked deer………the Black Buck are so enjoyable to watch.

whitetail 5

Going buck wild, a couple of our Whitetails being prepared to be released.